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Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online; How-To

In today’s world,  the Internet has changed the traditional way of having things done.

The world at large is your marketplace.

You are not restricted anymore by the economy of your country, you can Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online even from the comfort of your bedroom so to speak.

We equally covered some points on how to get your business in platforms of startup and support in our last article.

A lot of people today are really interested in generating income online but wondering where to begin.

Well, if you are one of those people, know it that this is for you. Making money online I must say is less stressful; it allows you to carry out other personal activities while you generate income.

And if are a work at Mom, then online is your master leverage tool.

Although, online business has been under the control of Amazon and eBay and many other great online brands, but there are still huge chances for solo internet entrepreneurs to establish a  very lucrative online business.

So, know it today that there is a place for you in the market no matter your specialization, industry, or your product.

It is true that is not easier for one to set up an online business yet make a huge profit but there are a lot of tools, proven strategies, and services obtainable to online entrepreneurs.

The chance of making a profit I must say is rapidly increasing in the online market.

And this is as a result of the following factors:

Nowadays, a lot of people shop online. This is a  proven fact by watcher Mintel, that 69% of Americans shop online.

Thus one can set up an e-commerce website and control it using several available online tools and software. And this can be done for some bucks of dollars roughly $100 sometimes a little more.

Lastly, marketing is easily done online since; marketing online is inexpensive and easy. Of course, you can market your goods online using any of the available social media platforms.

Example: Facebook.

Having read this, I know you will be asking this question what can I do for a start, to have my own share of this piece to make this huge income.

Luckily, there are many ways of Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online,  and we will try to make it as comprehensive as possible

  • Through Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the oldest ways of creating income online and this is how it is been used.

To generate income using affiliate marketing, you are to have any of the following: blog, website, banner ads, e-commerce site, landing pages, social media platforms, or sales page.

And what do you with these; you use it to sell most especially, other company’s products.

If you wish, you can combine any of the following to have your marketing information sent in different ways to the internet.

Ones you have gotten, as earlier mentioned your blog, website, e-commerce site or., select a popular and profitable affiliate niche market that has good customers.

You can search on social media or other trends, to know that which is hot; for instance, on CJ Affiliate and Amazon.

See that you always post valuable content and marketing information. Because, when customers click on the link, they will be directed to your affiliate partners’ website. Where they are to complete the transaction and as soon as they are done, you will be given a commission for bringing that customer.

So, your work is to make people purchase goods from the company you are promoting.

While the company does the rest like the production of goods, handling customer support, giving the price of goods, etc. In addition, this is the greatest and simplest way to begin an online business since you only have to promote other companies’ products to get money.

  • To sell on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and Etsy

Using the power of a third party site is a decent way to start marketing online. The above site eBay, Etsy, are e-commerce giant, having good marketing platform and good sales.

Also, a lot of people make purchases at the above website.

These sites allow customers to quickly search and find your online storefront.

Additionally, it also allows you to make use of its shopping chart, that is to say it saves you the cost of designing your own e-commerce website.

eBay: This site requires you to begin as an eBay seller so that your PayPal account will be confirmed after that you are to register for your own store. The above requirements enable your to be attached to  eBays good records, sales, access, marketing network to market your items.

This site also has a special auctioning feature that enables buyers to negotiate prices of goods thereby increasing the price of the goods for the highest bidder more than the stipulated price.

Craigslist: this site aids one to make an outline of things to sell online

These sites has been proven to be the best in terms of setting up an online business, Moreover a payment of between $0.99, $0.10 to $0.20  is charged for Amazon, eBay and Etsy respectively.

Amazon: This is a well tested and trusted site and many people choose making purchases at Amazon than other private website.

Etsy: This site allows you to design your online shop in it. The web portal of this site is centered on special handcrafted items.

Despite the interesting features of these websites, it is important to note that these sites involves the use of bright and beautiful picture of your product with an unambiguous depiction of the item as well as the price charged by other sellers of similar product.

  • Blogging

The secret of blog is to have important information and ads at all time, as people tend to visit a blog having important information to learn more.

This alone will drive traffic to your blog and selling of goods becomes easy.

Let this important information at least serve as a special offer to anyone who visits your blog. Another advantage is this, provided that you give valuable information at all time, your blog will always get the attention of search engines. And as such, places your valuable information on it first page.

These ads and important information you give, helps you to promote your goods and services as an affiliate or as your own product.

  • Niche E-commerce

It is important that as an internet entrepreneur, you identify your niche and work towards it.

And not to go into competition with e-commerce titans or other popular retailers like Walmart.

Be focused and be acquainted with your niche. Because, this you can make you a professional and you will be ranked high by search engines.

  • Own a YouTube Channel

Those having a You Tube channel tend to generate a lot of income. Some make money from the how-to videos, food videos, comedy videos, music videos, etc.

This is how it works

First you are to create your YouTube channel that is where your videos will be located.

Secondly, in your video, you are to make explanatory and simple while explaining it purpose and you should always upload relevant videos. That is to say, you are not expected to leave your main topic for something else. It should be one of a kind having high-quality and most importantly valuable information.

Also, do your best to post or share it on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, including your site or blog. See to it that viewers are being given response to their comment so, you could get fans.

There are other ways of making money on YouTube. One of these methods requires that you allow YouTube to put ads to your videos. And this how it works.

If you accept this, you will be paid some amount of money whenever people click on these ads.

But this is to be shared between you and Google. So, the number of viewers determines your income.

  • By Selling E-books

This has to do with the process of selling ebooks and making money from it.

Those having and those that does not have can take up this online business and benefit from it. Because this online business allows you to sell both your ebooks and that of public domain.

All you have to do is upload it to Amazon seller account or you personal site then begin to publish it on your, email list, website, social media platform, blog etc.

  • By Creating Apps

Creating an Apps is another way of generating income. They are a lot of things lacking in our smartphones today. Some of which you in particular can create even though, you are not a programmer.

If you tried but failed, do not be discouraged rather remember this saying “one must ride in whichever boat one finds one’s self”. Optional, you can hire someone and have him do it for you.

So, you can hire from Upwork someone who can help you achieve your aim. I know you must be thinking about the cost, it is not that much and you will have to pay he/she based on the complicacy of the app he/she created.

For you to make great deal of profit, create your app in such a way that it could be used on iPhone smartphones and Android.


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