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Best Way To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online

Our world is now new, a lot of things has changed because of the internet.Nowadays, one can pass information using email, make telephone call using skype software and we can make purchases at Amazon unlike before that you will have to struggle in line at the local shopping mail.

As internet entrepreneurs, you can market your goods and services using email, sell on Amazon. com and conduct meetings using Skype.

These are much but few are mentioned here. However, one of the most disrupted industries and money making online venture for entrepreneurs is the book publishing industry.

Particularly, publishing and selling ebooks online.

So, this is what big publishing houses do to bring books to us, right from the big offices of editors, writers, administrative staff, printing press and finally to the distribution centers.

And from there it can be taken to all countries of the world so, customers could get any book they want.

Due to inadequate support from big publishing houses (together with low royalties), play to pay techniques and red tapes, a lot of people have discovered that self-publishing is the best and the most profitable option.

But, there are differences between the self-publishing and traditional publishing.

However, one this type of publishing does not require the use of printed books.

And as such you will not have to spend much or bother yourself with writing books, storing and distributing books that you might end up not selling at all.

Therefore you will be dealing with ebooks , that which is digital, can be read on smartphone, computers and devices such as Amazons Kindle.

Know it today that ebooks sells in million each year and represent up to 20% of the United States publishing market.

So, you can be an ebook entrepreneur.

Below is a guide on how you can market your ebooks online and make money while you do so.

  • Ebooks! What are Ebooks?

These are books, which are in format that can sent or downloaded online. Someone can write them, he can use public domain content, employ writers and create his own ebooks from other sources.

One can write on a topic of his choice, be it; science fiction, how-to-manual, self-help, travel guide, technology, mystery, religion, romance, etc. So long it is understandable, interesting and passes a complete thought.

With these, wait for an editor or publisher to publish your book or for bookstores to position your books on their book shelves before it can be sold. You can do all this yourself even to your test and get your profit.

Take Hugh Howey and Amanda Hocking, these are self-publishing authors. Hugh was able to get $150,000 each month as a result of his series of science fiction books being sold via Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing. And Amanda makes $2 million from the sales of her paranormal romance and fantasy novels. These alone are proof that you can make it even as a self-publisher on Amazon.

Before that, I will like to bring it to your knowledge that Amazon.com is not the only way to sell ebooks, you can sell ebooks from your own website. Just continue for more information.

  • Begin an Ebook Business.

There are ways of selling your books as an ebook publisher.

Optionally, you can build your website and sell your books, or make PDF for readers. Just a simple Paypal link or shopping cart is enough. So, whenever a reader visits your website he or she could place an order and receive a download link to access your book. As the author and owner of the site, you only make sure everything is in good condition. This is just simple.

Additionally, those working via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing get a great deal of benefits because it is popular. Many people tend visiting this website whenever they are in need of a good books. And whenever they go into searching of good books at Amazon, to always visit the self-published titles. Why waste your time; even though the charge commission on your sells, your books might be an inspiration to people and you will benefit from it.

Though you may make money using your own website but, that cannot be compared to the amount of money you will get when you sell through Amazon.

There is a unique way of selling your ebook on Kindle. First you sign up before uploading your ebook. And they change it into the appropriate format. After this, you can now sell and strengthen your business using Amazon.com .

An added advantage is that you have control over all processes; the necessary information from your customers, with which you can promote your products, services, books or even charge higher prices. Also, ebooks sold on website (particularly on a specific topic) sells for $40 and above and this is twice the amount a traditional print book sells.

  • What option is the Best?

I suggest you use both. Yes, but let it be done this way. First place one or more books (that your own book) on Amazon then, use a link or what so ever to bring them back to site and add them to your email list.

You can do it this way present a special free bonus offer in your book that will take them to your site. And as the visit your site for this bonus, you can get their email address through the opt-in process. With this you can create or add them to the available email list.

Provided, they are on your email list, you can sell other of your books to them, even that a higher price. Besides, with hard work you can kill two birds using one stone.

  • Get Content

Content are important but, where can you get them. Surprisingly, you must have written some ebook . To those blog post you make money from, you can make some changes and it becomes an ebooks.  It is straightforward, just select valuable blog post remove irrelevant items, edit adding introduction and concluding then, arrange it in such a way that it passes a complete thought. A blog post can be use to create ebooks. But they should all be in line.

Furthermore, information can be given for free in your site; since some people are delighted paying so that books can be prearranged into an ebook or other simple format.

Obviously, this is how to get the content of your ebook. To publish a fresh work of fiction or nonfiction especially, starting from the very beginning, set goal, begin with an outline, write daily and see that you complete the book.

Optionally, you can rework a book in the public domain. One could take the content of any of those books, work on or reorganize it and publish the book. But this can be done when the copyright must have expired.

Book like “Call of the Wild” by Jack London is a public Domain work. The most important thing is that you update or reorganize the book making it unique before republishing it. Using the book The Ark of War as an example, one could remodel  it into The Ark of War for Christians or The Ark of War for Students.

In addition, you can hire someone (a ghost writer) to write your book. However, it is done in the book publishing industry.

A lot of people like short interesting books though those who write short book on Amazon sells it at lower rate. Also, your book should be based on Peace or War.

  • Do your Best

Set a plan and work according to your plan to complete your books and sell them.

Make an outline for your book and use it wisely, working according to time, you have to draft out time to re-write (if it is an old work),  write for original work, plan how you wish to sell your book and set a date for your book publication.

  •  Select Topic Wisely

Do not take a topic believing that is will be a best-seller. Instead choose or make the right choice so you that your work will be appealing.

  • Your Work Should be Simple

I believe not everyone is willing to read a book that is hard in terms of reading and understanding. Use simple language.

  • Rules for Having a Good Ebook

As an author you cannot write anything and expect people to read and continue buying your books. Write like an experience writer, your books should teach and motivate other if you really want to make profit.

  • Make the Necessary Correction

Correct all grammatical error, wrongly spelling, etc. Give it to your professional proofreader or trusted friend to read and make the necessary correction. You can imagine one publishing a book full of errors, what a waste of time, a disgrace.

  • Design a Profession Layout and Cover.

The fact that you are not a traditional publisher, should not stop you from making a good layout and cover. Employ a graphic designer from website like Fiverr.com to help you in making a wonderful cover and put together good interior pages. This counts a lot.

  • What Next

Having understood that ebook is a genuine way of making money, now you can write yours using this guide. Most importantly, know the type of ebook you want to market, where you will be getting your content from and a place to sell it.

  • Selling Ebook

A best-selling author sells his or her ebooks quickly but, other publishers do not sell theirs quickly. This is the secret of the traditional publishing industries.

It might be so, but you do not have to allow this way you down, or control your marketing policy. Make use of the information given to you, place your books around the world and change lives for good.

To sell your ebook, you can persuade customers to help promote your ebooks by making it popular, which is they should speak to their friends concerning your ebook. If possible, post reasonable information related to your book as this will help you in selling off your ebook quickly.

Next, you can give for free a chapter from your ebook. If you succeed and your reader was astonished, he/she might come looking for the book or more books.

Your success in life depends on your effort. So, go down to business, work hard and see that your books are being sold.

Those who wish to sell their book on Amazon can do so, using the paid ads on Amazon to market your books.

Above all this is a less risky way of making money and it is cheaper.

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